DAZBlog.de – German as a Second Language 2011

„latestnewsfromgermanydeutschkurs.wordpress.com“ is run by a team of experienced German as a Second Language (GSL) professors with over 25 years of high school, adult, and university GSL teaching experience, providing not only exercises, texts and grammar but also applied geography and German Literature. Please contact Stephan Fröhder (Editorial Staff „latestnewsfromgermanydeutschkurs.wordpress.com“, dazblog@gmx.de) if you have any questions, proposals or textual criticism and use the contact form on this website.

For many people around the world, learning German is quite important because of educational, job-related or individual concern. Unfortunately, there are not enough useful, effective and challenging sources for learning German as a second language. Most people take German classes, which either help them up to a certain point or ignore German culture, history and politics. „latestnewsfromgermanydeutschkurs.wordpress.com“ is designed to help you continue to improve your German.
All of our exercises and texts are free to anyone who wants them. DAZBlog.de uses a different approach than other DAF-courses or DAZ-websites.
We believe the better way to improve your German is training by means of conversations and discussions from everyday-live. Many people try to improve their German by joining courses only. They do not really train German at all.
At „latestnewsfromgermanydeutschkurs.wordpress.com“ we provide German at different levels using preferably dialogues and everyday phrases and expressions. We explain what these German expressions mean and how to use them. (vgl. eslpod.com)